Dead See Life – “Road Of Grace”

My fellow cohort just released his brand new CD! “Road Of Grace” by Dead See Life is a mix of hard and acoustic rock. I contributed bass guitar on two “Road Of Grace” tracks: “Even Though,” and “Running Away”.

The gears are back in motion

Some good things are happening. Actually, anything happening with us lately is a good thing. Rest is great, but release is necessary.

We’re delving into the writing process for the first time as a band and things are feeling right. Papandrea is a riff machine. We hope to unleash some of these riffs in time for the festival in July.

An Update

Not much to report on right now as all of our lives are pretty crazy and we all have full time jobs to report to. But rest assured you will hear from us soon. I’ve been assembling a project studio in my new home and plans on making some noise soon. I’m currently collaborating with…