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“Reconnecting” by Mad MachineryBuy Mad Machinery "Reconnecting"

“Cult” by BaysideBuy Bayside - CULT

“Bacteria” by Suit Of LightsBuy Suit Of Lights "Bacteria"

“You Thought The World Was Over”
by MoonspankBuy Moonspank "You Thought The World Was Over"

“Department Store Girl” by The RosenbergsBuy The Rosenbergs "Department Store Girl"

“Mission: You” by The RosenbergsBuy The Rosenbergs "Mission: You"

Download Mad Machinery "Live @ Arlene's Grocery"“Live @ Arlene’s Grocery” by Mad Machinery

Singles ^

“What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me)
by Forever The Sickest Kids Buy Forever The Sickest Kids quot;What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me)"

“Young” by Cosmos & CreatureBuy Cosmos & Creature "Young"

“Happily Ever After” by He Is WeBuy He Is We "My Forever"

“Love Life” by He Is WeBuy He Is We "My Forever"

“You’ll Never Be Like Him” by Brooke HoganBuy Brook Hogan "The Redemption"

“Waiting For A Girl Like You” by Jordan KnightBuy Jordan Knight "Love Songs"

“Who’s Got Your Money?” by Tina ParolBuy Cosmos & Creature "Young"

“No Average Angel” by Tiffany GiardinaBuy "Another Cinderella Story" Soundtrack

“Still” by C-NoteBuy C-Note "Chivalry"

“Nothing Else Matters” by The PreZcottsBuy Prezcotts "Gossip"