The gears are back in motion


Some good things are happening. Actually, anything happening with us lately is a good thing. Rest is great, but release is necessary.

We’re delving into the writing process for the first time as a band and things are feeling right. Papandrea is a riff machine. We hope to unleash some of these riffs in time for the festival in July.

Speaking of, bands are already contacting us about playing the Freedom On The Fourth festival. Should mother nature cooperate as she has in the past, this could be the biggest one yet. The last two festivals have been absolutely amazing experiences for all involved, and we’re really looking forward to it once again. I really hope Kiss Kiss makes another appearance this year.

We get a lot of questions from people out there wondering when they can see us play. The fact is that Ed has stopped performing with us. We do not have enough original material to carry on a full set. While we continue writing with Ed and still consider him an active band member, I’m not going to sing his songs.

Ed’s songs are Ed’s songs.

Jason Fresta is covering the bottom end for us now. We played a couple of Reconnecting tracks, and a few covers, at our last show with him. It was an amazing time, and I think our cover of A Perfect Circle’s “Judith” ended up being our best performance of the night. However, we do not want to be the next Vanilla Fudge. One cover per show is ample, no? I think we all want more Mad Machinery songs. I can’t wait until the first demo is complete.

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