Happy Independence Day!


We just got back from a hell of a time in Ellenville, NY. To those of you who came, you know it was a weekend that you will never forget. For those who didn’t, you missed a great weekend with great people and amazing music. Thanks to Adam & Christine, Jason Fresta, Striven, Karwreck, Moonspank and Twisted Pair for some stellar performances. Thanks to Uncle Tony for having the vision and the venue to realize it. And thank you to all the USHPA members for allowing us to bring loud music and many of our closest friends to crash at the site.

Extra special thanks to Adam Colangelo for joining us on keyboards, Twisted Pair for providing visuals for our set, RoseHill Music for the drums, Moonspank for the lighting, mics and stands, and to all the people who traveled very far just to hang out with us.


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