Pompeii Floyd: A Pink Floyd Tribute


Pompeii Floyd are a tribute to Pink Floyd who focus on the band’s early 1970’s material, including the concert film they faithfully recreated on its 50th anniversary: “Live At Pompeii”. Initially a four-piece, the group embarked on a series of live shows covering songs from the band’s initial release, “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn,” through the “Obscured By Clouds” release.

The group expanded to a six-piece to take on Pink Floyd’s more ambitious work, including the entirety of the infamous release: “The Dark Side Of The Moon,” in honor of it’s 50th anniversary. They also faithfully recreate classic hits from “Wish You Were Here”, “Animals”, and “The Wall”.

Pompeii Floyd features JT Curtis (Broadway’s “Let It Be”) fronting the band on guitar and vocals, bassist James Preston (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) drummer Hector Lopez (Tito Puente), and myself, Dino Covelli (Surrogate Band). Rounding out the lineup is singer and guitarist Meghan Rose (Xena: Warrior Musical) and saxophonist/keyboardist Colleen Farquhar (All Revved Up).

Don’t miss out! Opcoming show dates, times, and ticket details are below!

Upcoming Shows

  • Wed

    [TBC] Pompeii Floyd @ Brooklyn Bowl

    6:00 PM: Doors / 7:30 PM: Show

    Blue Ribbon @ Brooklyn Bowl

    61 Wythe Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11249
    (718) 963-3369

    to be confirmed…

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