Operation: Iraqi Freedom


We are living in times of war. We should all be living in peace, loving one another, doing psychedelic drugs, playing sitars on giant mushroom shaped chairs with lava projection in the background, listening to what the flower people say…

Hippies? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe we’re just some people trying to enjoy this life without being attacked, terrorized, shot at, blown up, looked at funny, stabbed, shoved, being the targets of weapons of mass destruction…

We support our troops and our mission to rid the Middle East of a vicious tyrant who spreads lies, and murders all those who oppose. In the big irony of this world, sometimes some asses need to be kicked in order to live without fear.

Just don’t forget that the propaganda machine is always running on both sides. Get the whole story before you take a position. The news media does not tell you everything!

“Think for yourself; Question authority!” – Dr. Timothy Leary,

On a much lighter note, the final tracks to a new song are going to be laid down this week. Mixing begins next week. Check back for a new audio clip, and perhaps an MP3 Download of some already-finished tracks.


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