New Album: That New Life [Self-Titled LP]

It is with the utmost pride and excitement that I can finally announce the release of That New Life’s self-titled debut LP, out now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other popular streaming services!

Stream The Album Here


For me, this project started in late 2019 when the rhythm tracks were delivered and I began tracking Rich Berta on guitars, keyboards, and vocals. It was a complete pleasure for me to work on this project. Rich brought nine beautifully written songs to the table, and I took pleasure in the process of bringing them to life.

That New Life cover art

I began the mixing process while we were still tracking, which helped provide the direction of ‘the sound’ we were beginning to develop; indie-rock with prog influences and a retro vibe.

The songs were mainly written for guitar or piano and vocal, and to flesh out the songs further it seemed natural to add classic instruments like the piano, retro synths, and electric pianos like the Wurlitzer and the Rhodes. We built upon these textures with layered vocals and harmonies until all the pieces fit together.

With the pleasure of a self-imposed release deadline, we took the time we felt necessary to settle on the production choices and getting the mixes to our liking. My philosophy was that we could take breaks from some tracks while continuing improving upon others, eventually coming back and revisiting them all until we were 100% satisfied and felt that there was nothing else needed.

We released early mixes of “Grow Back” and “Easier” as singles back in July and August respectively. The newly updated mixes of the songs fit in more cohesively with the rest of the album as a whole.

For me this brings a happy ending to an historically awful year. We hope this album brings you comfort and joy as we soon begin 2021. Enjoy!

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