Give Mii a Fu@k!ng Brake [sic]!


Here is a concept for everyone to grasp onto (pun intended): DON’T LET GO OF YOUR CONTROLLER!

If you’re playing a video game, there is (currently) not a need to frantically throw the controller out of your hand. Sure, I think it’s great that people are getting into the Wii. It’s a lot of fun. But WTF, mate? How are some people not disconnecting the video game experience with real life? Are these the same people that act out their dreams and/or sleepwalk? I’d like to see a case study done.

I haven’t seen too many kids on the Wii Have A Problem… website. It’s mostly teens and 20yr-olds displaying their Wii’njuries. I could understand a child thinking they needed to throw the controller down the lane, but that’s because they’re a child. Why is it that most of the injury reports are coming from young adults?

The fact that this exists blows my mind. Sure it’s good humor, but come on. I’m going to make people take an IQ test before letting them bowl in front of my rear projection TV so that this doesn’t happen.

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