The Tenacious Dino Trio Rocks MTV’s Socks Off

I performed with two co-workers (Emanuel Parisi, “Giant Fucking Bass” and vocals; Ned Barker, guitar and vocals) at the MTVi Group’s, “Let’s Get Down, Downtown,” party in NYC.

We performed as The Tenacious Dino Trio, a parody of HBO’s comedic duo, Tenacious D. We played a fifteen-minute set, including a cover of Queen’s, “Flash Gordon Theme.” The set was closed with a tribute to the SonicNet television commercials. Set to the music of Tenacious D’s, “Lee,” the song, “Me,” poked fun at the MTVi executives who ‘forgot’ to ask The Tenacious Dino Trio to be in a SonicNet commercial.

“Where’s the ‘I‘ in MTVi?”

Dino Tracks Keys with The Rosenbergs

I was at Big Blue Meenie Recording Studios, laying down keyboard tracks on The Rosenbergs’ new album, Mission: You. I had a great time working with the band. Check out their site for more information on them.